Rupert and injuries

A vicious attack on Rupert gave me the push to get my pen out again

I stopped writing about Reggie Brown’s exploits after he died. Reggie’s successor Rupert has been encouraging me to write about Reggie’s last cases and Rupert’s adventures. It took me a long time to come to terms with Reggie’s sudden death, the result of reckless driving by a biped.

BeccieRebecca speaking – “Well, at last, after a few years, I’m picking up my pen again and re-opening the journal.

Rupert is the main reason for starting this website. Partly in honour of Reggie and more recently to tell you about Rupert’s adventures as CEO of the Portlyshort Private Investigations Agency.

What really galvanised me recently is the fact that Rupert has not fully recovered from the vicious attack that nearly cost him his life some months ago.”

For some background, Rupert and ‘Her Indoors’ went for their early morning walk and Rupert was attacked by a Rottweiler. ‘Himself’ was so incensed and worried that he wrote the following piece, published in the Dorpskoerant at the time. Executive management at the Dorpskoerant have given us permission to reproduce the full article by ‘Himself’.

Vicious dog (Rottweiler) attack in Darling this morning.

As he ‘Himself’ wrote it.

Monday 7th November. My wife walks with her small dog (cross Dachshund/Jack Russell) every morning in the leafy suburbs of Darling. This morning he (Rupert) was walking with Cathy who had him on a short leash close to her. A Rottweiler and owner were walking on the other side of the road. Without warning the Rottweiler ran across the road and attacked Rupert, had him in its mouth and was shaking him.

I don’t want to hear any crap about big dogs – “never done it before”. Don’t blame the dog.

The problem is that the owner cannot control the dog, it is too strong (adult Rottweilers weigh approx. 55kgs).

Rupert and injuriesIf your dog is too big or too strong to be controlled then DON’T go walking with it where people live. What if the attack had been to someone’s 4 year old child?

My wife, Cathy, was also badly bitten on the hand in the attack.

As I write Cathy has taken Rupert to Dr. Jen to be treated.

I want to lay a charge with the Darling police but Cathy is not in favour.

I am bloody angry. Darling is a small town where peace and quiet reign, or so I thought. This sort of deliberate thuggery is not acceptable. I say deliberate thuggery because if you own an uncontrollable dog and you know you cannot control it and it is capable of attacking other walkers and/or dogs and yet you still take it walking in the village, your action is deliberate.

Whatever is the outcome of this vicious and unprovoked attack, please let’s be very clear that it is NOT the dog that is to blame.

If anyone is offended by what I have written, please remember that it happened this morning, the event is real and my wife, who is a gentle and forgiving person, does not want to lay a charge. If you want to comment about the attack or what I have written, please use the Reply block below and if you are angry with what I have published then direct your ire at me please.

Cathy has just returned from the Vet with our little warrior Rupert. Many wounds which have to be drained twice a day. He hates his collar and wagged his tail when he saw us. Where do these little guys get their immense courage from ?

We’re lucky he is still alive. Thank you Dr. Jennifer Deverson of the Village Vet for being so thorough. We are very lucky to have a vet like you operating in our village.


The charge was laid and a couple of weeks back the case came to court. Thank you to the police and to Swartland Law Enforcement. There was never any question of euthanasia or of money. It was about protecting the village community from an unpredictable dog, a very large and strong dog capable of causing very severe injuries and even death.

It was agreed that the Rottweiler would be required to wear a Halti head collar when off his premises –


this is not the dog in question

Here is an article about the effectiveness of the Halti head collar >>

And another pic –

Halti head collar

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