Reggie Brown

The PortlyShort PI Agency was established at Cooking Bear restaurant

My name is Rebecca, Beccie for short, and I am your narrator. I will be telling you about the adventures at the Agency that I have recorded and many more still to be recorded. I have been with the PortlyShort PI Agency since its inception. First as PA to Founder and CEO Reggie Brown PI and now as PA to the current CEO Rupert.

Reggie and Beccie snuggling

What a handsome devil Reggie was, I fell under his spell at sight. I still miss him.

I had the task of helping Rupert find his feet in his role first as a Super Sleuth and then as CEO after Reggie’s tragic death. We’ve had our ups and downs and I have loved every moment at the Agency.

Cooking Bear

Strange name for a restaurant !!!

Here is a little background, a sort of rough timeline. I will return to this timeline to hone it and expand it.

Reggie emigrated from his home in Parkhurst in Johannesburg in 2003 to settle on a 10 acre small-holding in the KZN Midlands where the Bipeds had decided to set up a restaurant. He brought with him Muffet, a rather overweight Dowager Dashie, Piglet the Cat, and, of course, ‘Her Indoors’ and ‘Himself’.

The moment Reggie set eyes on the garden and the space he knew there were many adventures to be had.

When I joined the family and the Agency in 2004 as a tiny puppy he introduced me to all the local characters and the hidden secrets of the huge garden. We could run and run forever.

But more of that later.

The map below is for orientation. You will see labels for the House/Restaurant (obvious), the Car Park about 120 metres from the main road and about 50 metres from the house and the Herb Garden about 60 metres from the house.

Cooking Bear by Google Earth

Here’s the map for orientation. The map is Googled – they must have used a very long ladder.

These reference points will become relevant when we discuss the night of the Bush Pig, the Rinkhals attacks, the Cane Rat that Rupert killed, my contretemps with a Duiker when I was very young puppy, the trees that blew down in the storms, the night when we were robbed (invaded) while ‘Himself’ was laid low by gout and ‘Her Indoors’ was in Durban. The adventures with builders and the strange things they left behind them. You will also hear about ‘Himself’ burning fire-breaks, a job he did not look forward to. We all feared fire especially with a thatched roof.

Then there was the snow. Rupert took to the snow like a veteran, leaping about and gambolling wildly. He seemed to be having such fun until I realised that he was desperately trying to keep his under-carriage out of the cold snow.
snow in the garden

snow at CB

It was so peaceful; could have heard a pin drop during the snow fall.

Speak to you soon.

Lotsa luv, Beccie

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