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Reggie Brown PI passes the baton

Reggie decided one day, as he sat contentedly sucking on his battered old Meerschaum, that he needed a strong young assistant to help him tackle the big cases. He felt, as he grew older, he might not be able to protect his dearest Rebecca when she came along to crime scenes. He would miss her meticulous sniffing, rootling, head cocked to the side for any sound, sure footedness and eager attention.

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Introducing Portlyshort Private Investigations Agency

Reggie Brown, dapper and dashing, not to mention daring, founded the firm of Reggie Brown Investigations in 2003. He ran a tight ship with the help of his adoring Private Assistant Beccie who passed the reins to his successor Rupert who runs the operation to this day. Rupert renamed the agency 'Portlyshort Longdog PI Agency' as it adds a certain cachet.

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