Portlyshort, Private Investigations, Discretion guaranteed

The company employs 5 grades of specialist -

  • Super Sleuths - Rupert. CEO, having taken over from founder Reggie Brown.
  • Narrator and Editor -  PA to CEO. Rebecca aka Beccie has been with the Agency from day 1 and has seen all the changes of personnel. Also in charge of catering for corporate events.
  • Bipeds* - 2 legged.
  • Sleazy Sleuths - concentrating on marital indiscretions. This is not our core business.
  • Student Sleuths - we are currently looking for a suitable Intern.

* Biped – two legged, typically humanoid. With 4 workable levers it does seem odd to use only 2. They can be knocked off balance with just two legs. On the other hand, with a leg at each corner we are rock solid, perfectly balanced.

Agency Motto - "You can't play with the big dogs if you pee like a puppy."

Meet the team.

Reggie Brown. Founder of the Agency

Reggie Brown

Super Sleuth and Founder of the Longdog P.I. Agency. Reggie moved from Parkhurst in Johannesburg to the KZN Midlands where he lived on a 10 acre small holding, the scene of many adventures. He was CEO at the time of his death.

Rebecca. PA to the CEO and Narrator


Born in the KZN Midlands. First few weeks in a Puppy Farm. Rescued by ‘Her Indoors’. Like 'himself' I love my food.


Rupert. Super Sleuth. CEO of the PI Agency

Rupert for About

Born in Mpumalanga. Travelled to Durban & met his favourite Aunt. 'Her Indoors’ took him home to the Small Holding in KZN Midlands.



'Her Indoors' -Biped

Her indoors

Ace cook, she makes a mean Liver Bread, a treat that we live for. Rupert takes her for her daily walks which she enjoys so much.

'Himself' - biped

Growing old gracefully, like me. Plays with his PC, hobbles around (lower back problems, like me). Normally in need of a haircut.

Kerrie - biped

Kerrie author

Journo, photographer and marketing exec, Kerrie founded Long Dog, an online shop for those who are dotty about Dachshunds!

'Longdog' used with the kind permission of Kerrie Bosse, founder of Long Dog - longdog.co.za

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